Arwyn Davies has been composing for film and television since the early nineties.

Since this time Arwyn has covered numerous styles/genres ranging from comedy to drama, documentary to animation. He composed the  score and theme for the ever popular and award winning animation series GOGS, which having been electronically produced for numerous episodes was eventually composed/recorded using a full orchestra.

Ryan and Ronnie were a famous double act who emerged from Wales back in the late 60’s early 70’s. In 2008 Boom Films produced a film based on their partnership. Arwyn was asked to musically direct as well as compose original music for the production. Being so close to his heart, Arwyn was fortunate to have on board the expertise of London’s top session musicians, the experience and talent of John Quirk M.D/Arranger as well as the invaluable backing and support of Quentin Williams (his now retired music agent). Together, along with Angel Studios and Myfyr Isaac’s mixing skills they produced what is Arwyn’s proudest project to date.

Preparation of conductor’s score and individual parts as well as sheet music for less complex work are fully within Arwyn’s capability. This is partly due to the excellent facilities he has at his fingertips in his state of the art Cardiff studio.The latest digital recording equipment, top quality current sample libraries from the world’s top developers full synchronizing capabilities for frame-perfect incidental music, are to be found here. Arwyn is confident that the can compose music (songs, incidental, theme/sig tunes) for any and all television and film needs, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss with producers and directors any project for which they think he might be suitable.